Hello, friends,

My name is Annie, nice to meet you!

I'm a 29 year old candle maker working and living in Warwickshire, UK.

As you might see reflected in my products, I'm a lover of all things vintage and antique, I'm a massive book worm, a hereditary hearth witch, and I'm obsessed with cosiness!

I am always looking to find beauty in the little things, and hope to send a little light, love and warmth from my home, to yours. xo

  • My Story

    Midsummer Child was born back in 2017 when health concerns prevented me from being able to work the average 9-5. After wallowing for a while I picked myself up and decided I wanted to get creative, I wanted to connect with likeminded people, and I wanted to spread joy. Thus started my candle journey! All the themes you see represented here are very near and dear to my heart, which is why I'm always making friends with my customers, we love the same things!

    You wonderful people truly pulled me out of a dark place and sprinkled magic back into my life through your kind words and support. I'll never be able to thank you enough, without your support, I wouldn't be able to do what I love every day! I absolutely adore this little community we've built.

    Midsummer Child is currently a one woman show, everything is made by me (Annie!) in my small studio based in Warwickshire, UK. All of my products are vegan, cruelty free and made with love and intent. I encourage you to recycle or reuse your jars- being kind to the planet is one of my top priorities! All our packaging materials are either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, so please don't throw them straight into the bin! Add them to your compost heap, recycle them, or reuse them!