• Coconut Wax

    Why we made the switch from soya to coconut.

    Coconut wax has a much higher fragrance load than soya wax, making for an even better scent throw (hot or cold!) It will also take less time after lighting it before fragrance is released.

    Coconut wax and soy wax are both known to be slow-burning waxes. However, coconut wax burns slightly slower than soy wax. This means that your coconut wax candles should last just a little bit longer than nearly every other type of candle.

    Coconut wax is entirely clean burning, and sets much smoother and whiter.

    In terms of sustainability, coconut plantations from which the coconut wax is obtained contribute less to the harmful chemicals released in the atmosphere because of lesser pesticides required.

    Aside from this, less land area is also damaged, allowing the plantations to recuperate enough and replenish natural nutrients.

    Coconut wax is often overlooked by chandlers, despite it's fantastic quality, due to the price point being significantly higher than that of soya or paraffin. However, we believe "you get what you pay for"! And I'm sure you'll all agree, a price increase is well worth the benefits to the burn of your candle, and the lesser environmental impact it has.